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The Performance Ecosystem

iPerformX is an adaptive training ecosystem designed to cultivate measurable outcomes and improved performance across the continuum of learning.


iPerformX Ecosystem

The Right Information for the Right Person At The Right Time

This performance ecosystem provides students with the information they need, when they need it most, and in a learning channel that is best suited for their mission.

iPerformX provides a variety of tools to drive maximum performance across the learning continuum.


iPerformX Features


From mixed reality exploration and self-paced e-learning to live interactive learning in a connected classroom with one-on-one digital coaching, gamification and rewards, iPerformX connects the dots in the performance ecosystem!

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is perfect for systems familiarization, language and maintenance training, and covering basic to complex procedures.


Aggregating data from all learning channels, the adaptive engine personalizes the experience with content personalization, and simulations.


Tools and methods to faciliate one-on-one collaboration between instructors or SMEs and students accelerates performance.

Live support

Lightweight, robust video webinar feature facilitates participant interaction, and provides archival recording and data gathering.


Robust, ubiquitous, immersive content delivery designed to drive engagement through sharing, comments and feedback in the community.

iPerformX Modules

The iPerformX Modules

Learning Channels

eLearning: self-paced training delivered on demand. Live Learning: live training with peer collaboration. Mixed Reality Training: interactive virtual training

learn explore adapt present coach broadcast reward

Artificial Intelligence

Aggregating data from all learning channels, the adaptive engine in iPerformX automatically personalizes the learning experience by providing specific content optimized for the individual student.

Learning Accelerators

Remote Coaching: one-to-one SME collaboration. Gamification: points, rewards and recognition. Adaptive Training Manager: personalization engine