Solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence.

iPerformX is an adaptive training ecosystem designed to cultivate measurable outcomes and improved performance across the continuum of learning.

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Solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence.

The Performance Ecosystem

Using advanced AI and cognitive services, a personalized and highly adaptive approach is provided to each student to ensure high engagement and maximum training velocity.

When students have access to the right information at the right time, they can achieve higher levels of proficiency faster.

iPerformX Features

Pushing Training Technology Frontiers

From mixed reality exploration and self-paced e-learning to live interactive learning in a connected classroom with one-on-one digital coaching, gamification, and rewards.

iPerformX connects the dots in the performance ecosystem!

Artificial Intelligence

Aggregating data from all learning channels, the adaptive engine provides individualized training.

Cloud Security

Zero Trust Architecture residing in the Auzre Gov Cloud to streamline the compliance process.

Remote Learning

Training platforms that are conveniently accessible from home and work via desktop, mobile, and tablet.

MR/AR/VR Virtual

Mixed Reality training that provides systems familiarization, language and maintenance training.

Biometric Analysis

Blending student biometrics with training outcomes help to accelerate student performance.

No Device Boundaries

Responsive Design and Device-Agnostic Principles allow a universal portability of the platform.

iPerformX Modules

The iPerformX Platform

iPerformX supports four interoperable Training Channels to cultivate accelerated learning and four Training Acceleration Modules that can be deployed within one or all Training Channels.

Module Overview


Adaptive Training Manager with
iPerformX Adapt:
personalization engine


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Learn how the iPerformX Performance Ecosystem of software tools has been used in real life challenges by exploring documented, detailed solutions.

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Discover how the iPerformX platform has addressed different problems and deployed solutions in the industry.


The iPX University serves to support the iPerformX products with robust training, support, and service. Enrollment in the iPX University will accelerate adoption of the performance ecosystem within your enterprise.


Our Vision


... is the Performance Ecosystem.

... is a brand, a company, and a Training Platform with specialized modules.

... is automating personalized instruction, translating training into measurable Performance.

... is a training solution provider for large organizations.

... is the training solution to enhance organizational readiness needs.

... is a time saver for instructors who do not have time to personalize instruction by providing automated adaptive teaching.

... provides Innovative training systems leveraging the latest technology to improve performance and enhance learning.

... provides access to insights provided by dynamic, real-time data from all learning channels.

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