The Power
of Immersive Media

Do you need to distribute High Definition 360 Degrees, immersive, Video content, safely to thousands of staff members remotely? With iPerformX you can!

All Features in Detail

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A highly intuitive interface that takes guesswork out of providing immersive user content.


Video sharing, chat, comments, and feedback drive user engagement.


Manage and moderate content and communities, and track student performance.


iPerformX is available in the Microsoft Azure Gov cloud providing secure access to your training ecosystem and content.


The platform works across mobile devices, mixed reality headsets, bio-metric sensors, desktop PCs, and flight simulators.


Control content distribution and manage groups of users.


Group watching and sharing with the ability to invite a friend to watch relevant content.


Synchronous learning via the virtual classroom. (with iPX Present module)

Case Study

Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Solution

Air Education and Training Command (AETC), with headquarters at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, wanted to upgrade its courseware delivery to include Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality, (AR/VR) capabilities and distribute them via the Air Force Learning Services Ecosystem (AFLSE).


The advent of AR/VR capabilities presents new training opportunities, however a gap exists in current cloud computing infrastructure to manage, distribute, and track course delivery across the Air Force Learning Services Ecosystem (AFLSE).

  • Multiple AR/VR Apps are available in the market but lack integration with AFLSE.
  • Current AR/VR Apps are not integrated with an Airman’s learning record.
  • Creating AR/VR course content is expensive and time consuming, requiring advanced software development skills.


The iPerformX team worked together with AETC to deploy iPerformX Explore, Explore Studio and Learn to provide a new way to deploy and train with AR/VR content and integrate with additional learning channels in the Air Force Learning Services Ecosystem.

  • Provided an easy to use AR/VR courseware creation tool that instructors and content managers used to rapidly deploy and update new AR/VR training content.
  • Provided instructors with the ability to assign AR/VR training content to students and classes.
  • Provided instructors with analytics to track AR/VR student training activity and performance.


With iPerformX, AETC was able to rapidly deploy advanced AR/VR training content with:

  • Point-and-click interface to rapidly create and deploy AR/VR content.
  • Integration of AR/VR content through AFLSE.
  • AR/VR content is now available on a variety of devices including desktop PCs, mobile devices and wearable AR/VR headsets.