Engaging Gamification
Track and drive student performance with a system of points, rewards, and recognition.

  • Motivate and engage students
  • Create competition and comraderie
  • Increase student performance
  • Increase performance visibility to instructors

iPerformX REWARD Features

Engaging Gamification

iPerformX Reward is the gamification platform that ties all training efforts together. iPerformX Reward accelerates performance by socializing training topics, allowing users to engage in challenges, and earn points and achievements.

Motivate and

Engage users through competition and collaboration
  • Point awards for accomplishments
  • Peer to peer challenges
  • Leaderboards and rankings
  • Increase student and class proficiency


Achievements are rewarded publicly
  • Student visibility to ranking
  • Students receive recognition
  • Badges and mentorship level

iPerformX Case Studies

The iPerformX Platform

iPerformX supports four interoperable Training Channels to cultivate accelerated learning and four Training Acceleration Modules that can be deployed within one or all Training Channels.

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